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    There are several wonderful budget hotels in Tbilisi along the banks of the Mtkvari River. Tbilisi enjoys its free status in Eastern Europe and visitors are warmly welcomed. In what some might imagine being an arctic landscape there is the coast along the Black sea which is lush and has semi-tropical, seasonal weather. The Tbilisi Sulpher Baths have been a regular stop for tourists for centuries. Boiling hot water, with high sulpher content, shoots from the ground along the rivers banks. The local bath houses take advantage of this phenomenon. The Orbeliani Bath House has an exotic Asian décor and offers a traditional bath house experience.Discount hotels in Tbilisi are perfectly situated near many historical monuments. Narikhala Fortress sits atop a hill and overlooks the city. An original defensive structure was raised in this spot around the 4th century. The current structure dates to the 19th century. Inside is an Orthodox church. The Sioni Cathedral of the Domitian is an Orthodox church named after Mt. Zion in the Holy Land. First erected in the 6th century, the church was renovated in the 13th century. Outside of Tbilisi is a must see monastery offering amazing views and an interesting look at the culture of the area. The Monastery Davit Gareja was originally carved from the side of a mountain in the 6th century. On the mountain itself are ancient caves used as churches with frescoes.