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Aulendorf Details

Aulendorf is located in the Ravensburg district of Germany, about 19 km north of Ravensburg city. It is a popular place to stay due to a number of factors, and many people choose to stay in one of its delightful hotels for their vacation in Germany. The most popular feature of the town is the nearby Lake Bodensee, a beautiful and tranquil lake that provides fantastic walking opportunities, as well as various water sports during the summer. But walkers will be equally spoiled by the lush surrounding countryside, including large meadows and quaint woodland, that surround the can help you to choose from a variety of discount hotels on offer in Aulendorf, making your stay enjoyable from the start. When you have arrived in your hotel, you will be able to take advantage of all that the town has to offer, including the historic Old Town and the peaceful pedestrian zone. You could even visit the Schwaben-Therme baths or take a walk to the nearby historic castle. All of this can be enjoyed whilst visiting the numerous restaurants on offer with their delicious local cuisine.