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The city of Bad Bellingen, Germany is in Baden Wurttemberg and lies on the border to France. The largest city close by is Mullheim, which is about 10 kilometers to the north. Although this small city as a population of just under 4000 people, visitors still come to the area for its beautiful landscape and outdoor activities. They also come because of the thermal springs. No matter why you are visiting, you will find discount hotels in Bad Bellingen, Germany readily available to you.The thermal baths have been popular for nearly a hundred years. In fact, there are numerous claims that individuals received healing from their illnesses just by coming and bathing in the thermal baths. Several resorts here provide you with access to those thermal springs. In the meantime, you can enjoy hiking, relaxing in the wilderness and enjoying the local cuisine. The city is small and quaint, but several taverns and local shops make the main street enjoyable. Do look at some of the cheap hotels in Bad Bellingen, Germany.