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In the south-western corner of Germany, in the midst of the high Black Forest is the mid-sized town of Bad Krozingen. It has just over 15,000 citizens and has been home to medicinal mineral baths since the 1910s. Many Bad Krozingen hotels are actually able to offer spa treatments for rehabilitation and relaxation along with your room. Most treatments require you spend several days to a few weeks taking in the vapours and drinking the water at spas such as the public Vita Classica Thermal Bath, so many people end up spending the weekend. Bad Krozingen has a well-established hospitality industry that includes luxury resorts as well as Discount hotels. Bad Krozingen is also the site of incredible views into nearby France and Switzerland, such as those seen from nearby mountains, or by simply cruising down the Cycling Tour of the Rhine Valley.Locals and tourists alike can enjoy many of the towns amenities such as the Aquarado Water Park. Even in Bad Krozingen, cheap hotels may be found site such as make it especially easy to find inexpensive places to stay, even for several days. Hotels in Bad Krozingen cater to guests of all ages, with special accommodations for elderly travellers.