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The central German town of Bad Wimpfen is one of just a few that still has relics dating back to Romans a time that wasnt destroyed. The town remains quite picturesque today, with many sights and even the hotels in Bad Wimpfen are likely to be found in a historic building. Even travellers on a budget can enjoy this city located on the edge of the forest. The most striking sight when you enter town is the trademark blue tower that overlooks the entire area of Bad Wimpfen. Cheap hotels can be easily found using online booking services such as When looking for something other than mineral springs to actually do in the town, be sure and wait for the weekend Bad Wimpfen goes all out with a different festival such as the Citywide Craft Market. Museums are also abundant, such as the unique pig museum. Bad Wimpfen has many hotels near the centre of the old town, dating back to the early Middle Ages. Those on a budget will want to investigate the discount hotels. Bad Wimpfen is, of course, home to a mineral spa that offeres water cures at several nearby clinics.