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    The large town of Baden-Baden in south-western Germany, renown for its thermal baths since Roman times is a very diverse place for tourists to spend a week or a weekend. Baden-Baden has more been the playground of nobility since the early 1820s when the local casino (the oldest in Germany) was built. It is also home to some of the most fantastic rose gardens in Europe, at the Florentinerberg. The spa baths are what most people come for, and they are available as a medical treatment or recreational soak at several sites in town, including the ornate, irish/roman revival spa, Friedrichsbad.Baden-Baden hotels are equally diverse. They range from palatial suites to clean, utilitarian discount hotels. Baden-Baden caters to international visitors, with carriage rides in the park and a greater than usual proliferation of English direction. Hotels in Baden-Baden often are located in historical buildings though, in the old town of Baden-Baden, cheap hotels can be hard to find quickly and reliably. Online booking services offers are very useful for making sure you get in on the less expensive accommodations in town.