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A trip to Biederbach, Germany will take visitors into the heart of Germany, into a culturally rich region. The city is in the Emmendingen district, in the Baden Württemberg region. The city is small, with less than 1800 people calling it home. The city is in western Germany. The area is just a few minutes from the Rhine Valley, where the mountain Kaiserstuhl is located. This is a former volcano. Today, much of this region contains vineyards. Wine grapes grow right along the mountainside, due to its rich deposits of soil. Visitors who stay at some of the discount hotels in Baden Württemberg may get to see some of these vineyards.Much of the city is farmland and the small city center is where many of the cheap hotels in Baden Württemberg are located. Visitors can explore the small shops, which offer a wide range of products and services, including artisan items for purchase.