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While Calw is not a big town, it is still a nice place to spend a weekend. Calw was until quite recently known only for housing a subcamp of the notorious Flossenburg concentration camp. However, today, it is a lively little tourist hub in its own right. Calw hotels have started to open up all over town and these new hotels in Calw are quite good. If you want to find discount hotels, Calw has a lot to choose from, with the Calw cheap hotels tending to be located around the outskirts of the town. The rivers of Nagold, Ziegelbach, Schlittenbach and Schweinbach are very picturesque in the summer and here on, you can find great deals on hotels located right along these rivers. If you are interested in military installations, the KSK special forces command is located in Calw. You can also see the historic houses of Hermann Hesse, and the famous painter Rudolf Schlichter.