Hotels in Furtwangen im Schwarzwald

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Furtwangen im Schwarzwald Details

Furtwangen im Schwarzwald, a small German town, is known for its clocks. Emilian Wehrle was the most notable clock worker of the area and, if you've ever associated Germany with the famous clocks that announce the hour with a singing bird, it was one of his designs of which you were likely thinking. Clocks manufactured during this town's heyday still demand impressive prices.Furtwangen im Schwarzwald is more known as a center of technology today. It is home to the Breg, one of the streams that eventually becomes the Danube, which flows through town. It is also home to the B 500 road, which runs through the Black Forest and leads many travelers to this picturesque location. Furtwangen im Schwarzwald hotels are readily available on Because of the technological school here, there are many short term visitors so finding a hotel in Furtwangen im Schwarzwald is quite easy for anyone.