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Gammertingen Details

The town of Gammertingen, Germany is located in the Baden Wurttemberg region in the northern part of the Sigmaringen district. It was founded in the 12th century by the Counts of Gammertingen and part of the coat of arms of that family are still used in the city seal. The area is surrounded by rich green forests that provide excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation.There are several attractions that you can see while you are staying in your cheap Gammertingen hotel. Be sure to check for the best budget hotels in Gammertingen. The Church of St. Michael is a medieval structure that sits on a location where earlier Roman ruins have been found. The Church of St. Leodegar was built in the 16th century although the Great Hall wasnt added until the early 19th century. The same architect that designed the hall also designed the Gammertingen City Palace. The Scholl Chapel dates from the early 15th century and it was restored in the 19th century. During the restoration a number of original paintings were discovered and saved.