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Gäufelden is one of the most rapidly-growing towns in Germany. It's actually comprised of three districts, which were formerly individual villages, Nebringen, Öschelbronn and Tailfingen. Today, Gäufelden is known as a center of family and professional life. There are many hotels in Gäufelden from which a traveler may choose.Gäufelden has several public libraries which are great places to meet the locals. If you're seeking German food, this is a great place to be, there are numerous pubs and restaurants where you can sample the hearty fare. Each of the individual villages that make up Gäufelden have their own beautiful churches that are well worth visiting. The village is nearby many cultural attractions, such as playhouses and castles. A hotel in Gäufelden serves as a great starting point for any number of adventures in the immediate area, and has information on the very best of them.