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    Hexenturm Witches Tower Details

    There are many great historical sights in the city of Heidelberg which is located in Germany. One of the most interesting of these historical sights is the tower located in the city. The tower is called the Hexenturm, which translates in English to the Witch Tower. The Hexenturm is an old tower that was once used to imprison women and women suspected of being witches. The tower can be viewed from the outside and is a wonderful attraction that draws visitors to the city each and every year.The Witches Tower is one of the most beautiful towers in the entire city and is a building you simply must see while staying in Heidelberg on your next vacation to Germany. The city is full of other great places to see and things to do in Germany that you will certainly not ever run out of things to do while touring this lovely city.

    Address: Grabengasse 1, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany