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With a population of just over 7,500, Langenargen is a very small town located in Baden-Wurttemberg. For travelers spending a weekend, Langenargen is an interesting town to explore. helps travelers locate elegant Langenargen hotels or Langenargen cheap hotels. For visitors on a budget, many hotels in Langenargen and the discount hotels Langenargen offers are sure to meet their needs.A visit to the beautiful harbor in nearby Lindau, with its new 33-meter high lighthouse and magnificent view of the Alps and Lindau, old lighthouse, and the six-meter high Bavarian lion, is an interesting and wonderful day trip. The Old Town has beautifully preserved pedestrian-only old streets, homes with spectacular architecture, pavement cafes, fountains, arcades and many other interesting sights. The Casino Bregenz, only eleven miles from Langenargen, is a fun way to spend the day.