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    Mortfort Palace Details

    There are many great places to see in Europe as well as wonderful areas to stay in while there. The wonderful country of Germany is one of the best as far as having nice towns to stay in. There are so many places to visit and fun things to do in Germany that you will need to visit twice to get to see enough of them. The town of Langenargen is one of the lovely German towns that is great to stay in. Located in the town is the Montfort Palace.The Montfort Palace is a fascinating palace with Moorish style architecture. This lovely castle like many in Germany eventually fell and left nothing but ruins. Luckily this wonderful palace was restored in the year 1866. This beautiful building is now open to the public as a museum. The great Montfort Palace also has a lovely tower from which you can get great views over the lake.

    Address: Untere Seestrae 3, 88085 Langenargen, Germany