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Laupheim is a very old city located in the Upper Swabia region and has a population of fewer than twenty thousand people. Built in the seventeenth century and remodeled at the turn of the eighteenth century in baroque style, the parish church of Laupheim is an interesting place to visit when spending a week or weekend. Laupheim has many interesting attractions and sights for travelers to enjoy. There are Laupheim hotels with magnificent views of the old city and hotels in Laupheim overlooking the countryside. is a great way to find Laupheim cheap hotels or the discount hotels Laupheim has that offer excellent facilities at affordable prices.Located at the edge of the city, peasants rebuilt Castle Schloss Grolaupheim in stone after destroying it in 1525 during the Peasants War. Built in three stages, it dates back to the sixteenth century. Built between 1623 and 1661 the Parish Church St. Peter and Paul, designed in Baroque style, houses beautiful sculptures and paintings.