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The city of Lindenberg im Allgau, Germany is in the Lindau distrct. It is the second largest town in that district. The town is popular as an air health resort. However, it also has a rich history, dating back to 857. At that time, the St Gall Monastery came about. An interesting fact about the city is that in 1656, straw hats from the city began selling and within 100 years, this became one of the biggest industries in the city. Now, there is a hat museum and each year the citizens celebrate Hat Day. Those who are planning a visit will want to check out the discount hotels in Lindenberg im Allgau, makes it easy for you to find places to stay and the right price. That is why you will find cheap hotels in Lindenberg im Allgau, Germany right here. Come for the outdoor hiking trails or the expansive green fields. This residential town of 11,000 people is welcoming and an ideal getaway from the hectic lifestyles of today.