Hotels in Rottweil

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Rottweil Details

Rottweil holds the distinction of being the oldest town in the south west of Germany. Located in Baden-Württemberg and near to the Black Forest, it has about 25,000 inhabitants. It has a long history, being founded by the Romans in AD 73, however humans are thought to have settled in the area long before. Because of this long history, it is full of historical sites of interest, including the Roman baths and a wonderful mosaic of Orpheus. Most people are amazed at the way the town appears, as it has not changed a great deal in the last 500 years.When staying in Rottweil, let help you to find the perfect hotel in this delightful town to make your stay even better. You will then be able to go and see the Münster Heiliges Kreuz, a Gothic church containing excellent sculptures, and the Lorenzkapelle, a 16th century gothic church holding some significant works and altarpieces. There are many more historical buildings of interest, and you may even be able to visit at the time of Fasnet, the annual carnival held in the town.