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Schenkenzell is a beautiful little village that is nestled within the Black Forest of Germany. The village is situated in the Rottweil district of Baden-Wurttemberg. The Rottweil district is the area of Germany where the canine known as the Rottweiler was first used as a cart dog. Schenkenzell is a part of the lovely Kinzigtal Valley, a wooded, pictorial area that is perfect for nature walks and bird watching. Trout fishing in summer and cross-country skiing during the winter are also a wonderful way to enjoy your trip to Schenkenzell. You will be pleased to discover that cheap hotels in and around Schenkenzell offer their guests amenities such as saunas, private tennis courts, and more.Schenkenzall has many scenic routes, which you will want to explore, either on foot or via a rental car. While sightseeing, be sure to visit the Black Forest Nature Park, or arrange to spend some time at the Gasthof Sonne. It is good to know that discount hotels in Schenkenzell cater to their guests, giving you a welcoming place to stay while exploring Schenkenzell.