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Schleswig is attractively located on the Baltic at the Shlei head, which is a long narrow inlet. Belonging to Kiel University, the Landesmuseum of Archaeology is home to one of the most spectacular prehistoric material collections in Germany. One of the many outstanding items is the 23 meter famous Nydam Boat from A.D. 350. When spending a week or weekend, Schleswig tourists will amazed at the art treasures displayed at the Landesmuseum of Art and Culture. Dating from the twelfth century to the twentieth century, there are wonderful furnishings, furniture, and medieval sculpture from stately mansions to common houses, folk art, and many other items.Visitors to Lake Schluchsee enjoy swimming, sailing, boat trips, the water sports center, and recreation area. Twenty kilometers away in Chemnitz is the 1498 gothic old town hall, rebuilt after the Second World War. Carefully restored after 1945, the twelfth century Roter Turm or Red Tower, surrounded by spectacular gardens and magnificent pieces of sculpture is very picturesque.