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Germany has many great churches to go and see when visiting there. The city there called Schwäbisch Hall is the location of one of the nicest churches in the area called the Church of St. Michael. The church was constructed back in the years of 1427 through 1456 and is in the Romanesque style. The church has a beautiful interior as well as a wonderful exterior.The Church of St. Michael is one of the most beautiful old churches in all of Germany. The inside is home to many lovely furnishings from many years ago. This lovely city is a great place to spend your next vacation. The city is full of wonderful places to stay and fun things to so while there. When there visiting the Church of St. Michael it is a great idea to see the sights of Schwäbisch Hall like all the places in the Market Place.

Address: Am Markt, 74523 Schwabisch Hall, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany