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The city of Sonthofen, Germany is the most southerly town in the country. It is in the Oberallgau region of the Bavarian Alps. The city is one that is rich with history, though it is most popular for its alpine recreational facilities. In 2005, it received the Alpine City of the Year award. Visitors who are planning to come to the city to ski will want to consider some of the discount hotels in Sonthofen, Germany that overlook the scenic views in this area.The city did take a lot of harsh punishment during World War II. Hitler bombed the city numerous times in the hopes of destroying the Ordensburg Sonthofen, which he had built earlier, for young boys to train for service in the Nazi Organization. Some ruins from that era are still evident here. However, today, visitors are easily able to enjoy themselves on the slopes in the winter and the hiking in the summer months. The city has also grown as an important cheese and milk producer for the region. When you are ready to plan your trip, book the cheap hotels in Sonthofen, Germany readily available to you.