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Stühlingen is a small and pleasant town situated in the Waldshut district of Germany. The nearest large settlement is Schaffhausen 15 km away, but many people choose to stay here because it is very close to the Swiss border, offering further opportunities to take a day trip in to Switzerland and explore a different culture. Other than that, the main reason that people visit Stühlingen is to experience the surrounding countryside which offers stunning views and fantastic walking opportunities.There are many cheap hotels to choose from in Stühlingen, but let do the hard work for you. You will quickly be able to find the right hotel for your needs, and then you will be able to enjoy everything that the town has to offer. This includes the carnival that is held there every year, when the residents all dress up in fancy dress, and you can also take a trip to the local castle which offers fantastic views of the surrounding landscape from the top of its tower.