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    Something of a town square and something of a modern suburb, the area of Bad Cannstatt in Stuttgart, Germany is a great place for visitors to the area who are looking for something to do to stop and take a load off. The Bad Cannstatt region is centrally located and thus allows for easy access to many of Stuttgarts most popular attractions.The Stuttgart central park is located here with all of its impressive natural beauty, as well as gardens, of both the botanical and zoological types. Within walking distance, visitors can also check out a church with impressive Gothic architecture, a town hall that is a masterpiece of Neo Classical architecture, and even the famous Kursaal spa house. Originally, the region that is now Bad Cannstatt, was a spa resort in its own right, making this latter attraction infinitely appealing. A short hop from all these attractions plus the imposing Schloss Rosenstein, Bad Cannstatt makes for a great place to visit on your trip to Germany.