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    For those visitors to Germany who are fans of the countrys long standing tradition of automotive excellence, the Mercedes Benz museum in Stuttgart is practically a holy landmark. For many years, the Mercedes Benz company has produced some of the greatest cars to come out of Europe, and it is fitting that a city dedicated to all aspects of German culture like Stuttgart would house the museum that honors them.Visitors here can see displays of Mercedes Benz models from every era of history. Those who love antique cars will delight in two exhibits in particular: a Daimler horseless car, and the Mercedes Benz three wheeler; both through to be among the oldest automobiles still in existence. There are all kinds of cars on display here, from racing models to street cars, production designs that were never produced, and even experimental cars that never quite took off. Visitors are certain to learn quite a bit about the company as well as German industrial history in general.

    Address: Mercedesstrae 100, 70372 Stuttgart, Germany

    Phone: +49 711 1730000