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    Schloss Solitude is a somber and edifying place to visit, much like its name suggests. For visitors to Stuttgart who are looking for a historically significant attraction to delight and enchant them, they need look no further than this. The Palace as it were is actually rather small. Its located just outside of Stuttgarts town square, and was erected in the 18th century. Its considered to be the masterpiece of its designer, Prince Karl Eugene.In recent times, Schloss Solitude has been renovated into a series of residential apartments. However, the charm of the buildings ancient façade remains fully intact and it is well worth a visit. Art students working on local scholarships live here, and they along make up the entire list of tenants. Visiting Schloss Solitude can be a nice day long outing in itself, and the trip will definitely let you know where the building got its name it is separated from the town of Ludwigsburg by a 9 mile long, perfectly straight road. Quite a walk, but well worth it!

    Address: Solitude 1, 70197 Stuttgart, Germany

    Phone: +49 711 696699