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    Fishermen's Quarter Details

    Ulm is a city steeped in history, and visitors to the area have the unique opportunity to visit not only an institution that preserves the past for observation and appreciation, but a true literal piece of the past still living and breathing right before their eyes. The Fishermens Quarter provides this unique opportunity.A section of Ulm located north of the river, the Fishermens Quarter is an area full of old wooden houses and antiquated architecture, with narrow cobbled streets, and even small bridges that are reminiscent of the layout of water based cities such as Venice. Here, youll be able to witness a lifestyle that has resisted change and remains very simple, quaint, and undeniably appealing. Famous sights include the crooked house, a sturdy but unwieldy looking building that leans out over a river, and has stood since the 16th century. Many artisans and other workers still practice their trade here as well, and their goods are constantly on offer.

    Address: Ulm, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany