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    Market Square Details

    Germany has many great cities, which would make perfect spots to stay on vacation. The many cities in Germany are filled with many different museums, theaters, attraction, and of course, town squares in which to do some shopping and see the sights. The city of Ulm is a wonderful city to experience all these things and much more. Ulm is home to a market square called simply Market Square in Ulm. This lovely place is located behind the town hall and also makes a perfect beginning area to start off your sight seeing in the city.Market Square is full of great fountains, numerous old buildings, and tons of shopping areas. This square is also the home of many cafés and bars to stop in and get a drink or a quick bite to eat. Make you way over to Germany for vacation as soon as possible and be sure to stay in Ulm.

    Address: Marktplatz, 89073 Ulm, Germany