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    When in Germany on vacation there are many great cities that one can visit to see many historical as well as fun places to visit. The city of Ulm is one of the best in Germany for having wonderful places for people to visit all throughout the city. When you are in the city visiting all the lovely places that it has to offer you may want to go a bit to the south in the area of Wiblingen. The Wiblingen Abbey is located about three miles south of Ulm and is a wonderful place to visit.This abbey is a nice place to walk around and see all the great buildings and also the lovely museum which is also located in the abbey. There is plenty for one to do while visiting this area like cafes and restaurants to stop off and get a drink or even a quick bite to eat.

    Address: Staatliches Vermögens und Hochbauamt, 89077 Ulm, Germany

    Phone: +49 731 5028975