Hotels in Wieden, Schwarzw

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Wieden, Schwarzw Details

Wieden, a state run recreational facility offers many different discount hotels. Wieden, Schwarzw has many different activities for the visitor from hiking to fishing, skiing, sleding and trekking depending on the season that you visit. The Wieden, Schwarzw cheap hotels have all the features that you would expect with more expensive hotels including internet, entertainment and fantastic restaurants. The hotels in Wieden are simple to reserve using your computer, just go to for information on booking. While enjoying a week or a weekend, Wieden provides both relaxation and adventure. Located in the Sudschwarzwald Natural Park, there are endless opportunities for outdoor adventure. In the nearby city of Freiburg there are many different marketplaces to explore and discover. The Augustinerplaz is an old monastery that is now a popular restaurant and entertainment center. In the main square a huge towering sandstone cathedral that was build between 1200 and 1530, called the Freiburg Münster, is easy to find. This square is home to a farmer's market that operates on a daily basis except for Sunday. Weiden, Schwarzw hotels can provide transportation information to the various sites.