Hotels in Wolfegg

Wolfegg Details recommends cheap hotels in Wolfegg which is a lovely town in the heart of the Baden region of Germany. Wolfegg is home to the Wolfegg Castle and visitors can enjoy many attractions in the local area. The Church of Our Lady, Liebfrauenkirche, dates to the 14th century and is famous in the region for its west door and unsurpassed stained glass in the choir loft. The Ravensburg Marienplatz was constructed in the 16th century and is also a stunning example of architecture.Visitors lodging in discount hotels in Wolfegg can learn about the region at the Ravensburg Municipal Museum. The museum is located in a half-timbered building that was constructed in 1380. It includes exhibits and historical data from the region and hosts exhibits on Wolfegg. In addition, visitors will not want to miss the Bauernhaus Museum. This unique open air museum displays exhibits on the rural life of the area and is an interesting outing for all ages.