Hotels in Zuzenhausen

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Zuzenhausen Details

Zuzenhausen is a city known for its proximity to a great deal of natural beauty. The Black Forest of Germany is one of the most striking natural environments in Europe and hikers from around the world enjoy staying at a hotel in Zuzenhausen between excursions out amidst the forest.This city is home to its own castle, a relic of the time when it was a hotbed of political dealings. The city has changed hands many times since the 1300's but since 1974 has been independent. The city's coat of arms carries a tribute to the barons of Venningen who ruled this city for centuries. Today, aside from the hiking, the city is known for its Dachsenfranzfest, held every other year, that celebrates the life of Franzesko Ragali, a well known city dweller from Italy. There are ample hotels in Zuzenhausen and has information on any you might need.