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Allershausen is a small Bavarian town, historic and beautiful, nestled among green fields. While you're here, you'll feel as if you're in one of the most characteristically German of towns in the region, with red-roofed white buildings dominating the village landscape interspersed with the steeples of the town's churches. Hotels in Allershausen tend toward the same timeless feel as does the rest of the village.The city's most notable architectural features are the churches. The Lutheran Rectory in Upper Allershausen is a beautiful building that houses a parish that is very active in the community. Bavaria represents one of the areas of Germany where Catholicism and Lutheran traditions met, and the other city landmark is the Cathedral of the Ampertals, the Catholic church which is also both rich in history and in contributions to this small community. Hotels in Allershausen are readily available on and finding the best deal is easy.