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      Augsburg is a mid-sized city in south central Germany with a long history. Being a fairly large city, there are a great many hotels in Augsburg that range from single rooms to extravagant suites. The city was founded in the 1st century BCE as Augusta Vindelicorum, though overrun by several kingdoms and destroyed. By the 16th century, the city had again achieved prominence and many of the buildings, including the massive Town Hall of Augsburg, date from the Renaissance. Many Augsburg hotels are also historical buildings themselves.It is a river town where both the Lech and Wertach meet. For those interested in architecture, the Perlachturm Bell Tower dates from the 12th century and is among the oldest in tact buildings in the city of Augsburg. Also very old is the Cathedreal of Augsburg, though the city is far better known as an early and important place in the history of the Reformation and early Lutheran Church. For those spending the weekend, Augsburg has a very active arts scene, including a museum devoted to Brecht and Mozart. Those on a budget will find many Discount hotels Augsburg has something for every traveller. The more adventurous may want to visit the Olympic Park and take an urban white water rafting trip. A short way from the historical centre of Augsburg, cheap hotels can be found. To find rooms and rates, check with