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Located in Germanys South central Bavaria region near the Austrian border, Bad Aibling is a town of nearly 20,000 people that dates back to the Celtic settlements of the 6th century BCE. It is surrounded by fertile countryside with light manufacturing found in town. The Bad of its name means springs in English, having been discovered here in the late 19th century when mineral baths first became popular. Several Hotels in Bad Aibling offer spa treatments with the local water. The area was once home to UK and US intelligence operations, so there are an unusual number of services in both German and English for a town of this size. Many Bad Aibling hotels also do a brisk business with curative treatments, as theyre just off Autobahn 8. The modern ultra-modern hot springs opened in Spring of 2007 in Bad AiblingA characteristic, unique to Germany, is the presence of several urban canals that go right up to the buildings, like Venice, hence the name, Klein Venedig. The local history museum of Bad Aibling features several unique items including part of the room artist William Leibl worked for several of his final years in. During the weekend, Bad Aibling is home to many cultural events, including the annual Guitar Festival. In and around Bad Aibling, cheap hotels may be found in the off-season. Otherwise, Bad Aibling hotels tend to be rather luxurious with spa accommodations. Using to find discount hotels, Bad Aibling can be very affordable for the budget traveller.