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      This mid-sized town of nearly 25,000 residents is in the Bavarian district of Lower Franconia of Central Germany and is most famous for the state-run spa and wellness centre found just outside town. That doesnt mean that you cant visit there are plenty of opportunities to sample the water, in a spa or even in bottles at the local café. Bad Kissingen hotels are often located in historical buildings, with easy access to the Wandelhalle Mineral Spa. Since the treatments are taken over a longer stay, internally and externally. Budget travellers may feel hard-pressed to find reasonable lodging in Bad Kissingen. Cheap hotels, thankfully, are available.For those spending the weekend, Bad Kissingen has plenty to offer, with many dozens of restaurants, shops and clubs to suit every taste. Using makes it simple to find discount hotels. Bad Kissingen is a wonderful place to take in sights from the architecture of the baroque town hall to and is described by the Bad Kissingen City Council as thoroughly diverse. Hotels in Bad Kissingen are equally diverse from the most utilitarian accommodations to ultra-luxurious spa stays.