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The town of Bad Kohlgrub is located in the Alps of south-central Germany and is home to world famous mud baths that have been used for over 8,000 years.  Though there are only about 2,500 residents, the town is geared towards tourists – there is no problem finding hotels in Bad Kohlgrub to stay at.  There are also ski opportunities very near the town (already at an altitude of over a half mile), and it is a common stopping off point for alpine vacationers all year long, whether international travellers or locals spending the weekend.  Bad Kohlgrub has catered to travellers since pre-historic times, with archaeological evidence of trade in mud and the unique flora of the area.Since this is a popular tourist location, it stands to reason that the Bad Kohlgrub hotels which have all the amenities tourists prefer have a tendency to fill up quickly. If you want to experience this city from a comfortable home base, book your Bad Kohlgrub hotel as soon as you know the dates you will be visiting. It isn’t too difficult to locate a budget Bad Kohlgrub hotel, especially with the extensive listings can boast.