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    This town of nearly 20,000 near the German / Austrian border has been inhabited for nearly 4,000 by various peoples whove extracted salt from nearby Alpine pools. Today, Bad Reichenhall is home to a wealth of historical attractions and a medicinal spa once used by royalty (being the first in Germany). Hotels in Bad Reichenhall are often found in historical buildings themselves, though there are accommodations to suit any taste, whether visiting during the week or a weekend. Bad Reichenhall is located less than 9 kilometres from Salzburg, Austria, and sees considerable traffic from the visitors there.Visitors with health issues or who simply want to relax should visit one of the local spas, such as Bayerisch Gmain. The towns long history as an exporter of salt is attested to at the Salt Museum in Bad Reichenhall. Cheap hotels are easy to find when you use online resources such as Bad Reichenhall hotels cater to both young ski enthusiasts as well as older treatment seekers. Tour services also offer deals on discount hotels. Bad Reichenhall offers vista views to all, surrounded on all sides by the Alps, you may ride a cable car to the tallest peak in the area, Mt. Predigtstuh.