Hotels in Hochstaufen Mountain

    Hochstaufen Mountain Details

    The country of Germany has many different examples of natural beautiful landmarks located throughout its many cities in the country. The city of Bad Reichnhall is filled with many examples of these natural sites such as forests and mountains. The mountain called by the name Houchstaufen Mountain is one located in the city if Bad Reichenhall. The mountain is 1,771 meters above sea level. The mountain is a wonderful sight to see in Germany but it is also available for climbing.There are many ways to reach the top of the mountain and the most direct route to the top is only advised to be taken by experienced climbers and hikers. The other way up to the top to the mountain is longer however it takes much less effort as far as climbing goes. Any way you go to get to the top will surely be worth all the efforts it takes on the way up when you see the breathtaking views.

    Address: Hochstaufen 83451, Bad Reichenhall, Germany