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The small city of Bayreuth is located in northern Bavaria and has been home to many luminaries as well as forested surroundings. It is perhaps most famed for being home to the German operatic composer, Wagner. During the Wagner festival, one is hard pressed to find hotels in Bayreuth, but online sites such as makes it easier to make long range plans for this popular event. The nearby Festspielhaus is an incredible building that was constructed for the sole purpose of showcasing Wagnerian opera.The rest of the year, there are quite a few unique museums to visit during the week or the weekend. Bayreuth is home to the typewriter museum as well as one that traces the history of the Free Masons in Germany. There are dozens of Bayreuth hotels spread across the city. However, no matter how crowded it might be in one part of Bayreuth, cheap hotels can be found on the other side of town. The best deals are found further out from the historical city cetre where youll find discount hotels. Bayreuth has held a fascination among European rulers from the early 17th century onward.