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Germany is very well known for its many fine and interesting museums located in all of its wonderful cities. The best city to visit if you love theater and going to museums is the great city of Bayreuth, which is the proud home to numerous museums on a wide variety of subjects. The most interesting of all of these museums is the Franz List Museum. This museum is dedicated to the life and many works of the fine Hungarian composer named Franz List.This museum is in the house that Franz List once lived in and includes some of his possessions that belonged to him when he lived in the home. This museum is also the house in which he lived in when he died. Although the composer Franz List was from Hungary; he loved Germany very much and lived out his final days in the great city of Bayreuth.

Address: Wahnfriedstrae 9, 95444 Bayreuth, Germany

Phone: +49 921 5166488