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The city of Bayreuth is one of the most interesting of all the cities in the great country of Germany. This wonderful city is home to some very fascinating museums that and dedicated to some of the worlds most amazing and important composers. One of the nicest of these types of museums is the museum dedicated to Wagner, which is called the Richard Wagner Museum. This museum will teach you anything you didt already know about the very important German composer.Wagner lived from the year 1813 to the year 1883 and happens to be one of the best composers from Germany ever. This museum is home to many of Wagners original instruments and home furnishings. This very interesting glimpse into the life of such a great composer as Richard Wagner is well worth the trip to Germany. In fact Germany should be the place you visit and stay on your next vacation.

Address: Richard-Wagner-Strasse 48, Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany