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Visitors will thrill at the dramatic views of the Alps from the small mountain valley town of Berchtesgaden. Located in the very southeastern tip of Germany, this area is both remote and inspiring. It was inspiring enough to be the place where Adolph Hitler finished penning Mein Kampf, and the area above the town became a second residence for the leader in the 1920s. Hotels in Berchtesgaden will be able to give you directions to the ruins Berghof. Much of the area was held in US Armed Forces control after the war; so many of the Nazi structures have been torn down. A great deal of mountain traffic is found each winter in Berchtesgaden, cheap hotels being foremost on most young ski enthusiasts minds. Theres a nearby water park that appeals to visitors of all nationalities and ages, just opening up Today, most people visit area as they enter or exit the Nationalpark Berchtesgaden, just above town. There are several very old buildings in Berchtesgaden; hotels are often fond in historic structures. For a town of this size, there is a lot of lodging to be found in town. Its often best to use an online booking service such as to make reservations for a weekend. Berchtesgaden can get very busy in any season. It is possible to find deals in the city or in the surrounding countryside at discount hotels. Berchtesgaden has several to choose from.