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Travelers who put this charming town on their itinerary will benefit from choosing a discount hotel in Dinkelsbuhl that will put them close to the wonderful architecture and culture of Bavaria. Some visitors will find the holiday season a perfect time to work with to locate a hotel in Dinkelsbuhl, because the area's Christmas market is a sight to behold. In addition, summer is a great time to experience the re-enactment of a key event of the Thirty Years War. The Kinderzeche is a major part of Dinkelsbuhl history, featuring children dressed in traditional clothing.Among the attractions in this old but vibrant town are the walls and towers that have stood for centuries. Not only that but a Dinkelsbuhl hotel is a perfect base for walking the streets of the town and visiting both St. George's Minster (1400s) and the Protestant church of St. Paul's. Travelers will not want to miss the history museum or a museum that has been constructed on the site of an old mill. Located along what is commonly known as the Romantic Road, Dinkelsbuhl is the home of the Romantic Road Association. The group oversees a series of fairy-tale castles, churches and villages that draws visitors by the hundreds.