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Erlangen is a city of 100,000 that has not lost its attraction as a representative of all that is good in Bavaria. A hotel in Erlangen puts the visitor close to the renowned University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (founded in 1742) and offices of the world-famous corporation Siemens-AG. But the city's location along the Regnitz River make it a wonderful location for outdoor enjoyment as well. Travelers who check with will find the influence of Huguenots from France remains strong. Architecture both old and new mixes comfortably in Erlangen.Choose an Erlangen hotel and be prepared to have fun at the Bergkirchweih, an annual beer festival that is somewhat smaller than Munich's famous Oktoberfest but no less enjoyable. A million visitors make their way to this festival every year. Some travelers leave their hotel in Erlangen to wander the wide, straight streets and visit the market square. The town hall and some university buildings are main attractions here, along with statues that honor the founders. Poets and philosophers have found inspiration and the perfect atmosphere to work, with Erlangen's delightful mix of urban and rural atmosphere.