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Lovers of history, take note and book your Memmingen discount hotel through today. Memmingen, a small city in the Bavaria state of Germany is one of the most fascinating settlements that you can visit anywhere. Dating back to the time of the Romans, Memmingen is still site to many historical buildings and artifacts, centrally located, that you just won’t find anywhere else. For instance, you can see a number of ruins from the small Roman military town that Memmingen was erected on top of, while at the same time visiting the ruins of a 7th century palace created for the King of the Franks. There are few places where so many eras of history are represented.In addition, the town also has a prominent Christian history, being a central part of the Protestant reformation, and as such many pieces of important architecture are preserved. While here, you might visit the homes of the old patricians, retained in their original Baroque style, or the gothic masterpiece of St. Martin’s Church. No matter what aspect of Germany’s history you’re interested in, you can find it in sharp relief at Memmingen.