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    Germany is a country with a rich and varied past, so if youre visiting, be sure not to overlook it! Embrace the Bavarian spirit at the Bavarian State Collection of Antiques in Munich. Here, you can observe a huge number of artifacts from both public and private collections, carefully documenting the history of the country from a personal standpoint. From military memorabilia to tools and everyday crafts from eras long past, the collection boasts many impressive additions that set it apart from antiques museums elsewhere.Its not all about Germany, however. The museum also houses a large number of artifacts and artworks from other civilizations as well, including Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, including many Roman gold and glass works that are startling for their attention to detail and intricate beauty. Be sure to check out one of the museums main attractions: an ancient grail from the Holy Roman Empire, much like the famed Holy Grail both in design and in legend.

    Address: Lerchenfeldstrae 2, 80538 München, Germany

    Open hours: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

    Phone: +49 089 21124 02