Hotels in Fröttmaning Railway Station

    Fröttmaning Railway Station Details

    In Europe, its the railway stations more than the roads themselves that link cities to one another, and link one major attraction to the next within the heart of the same city. For that reason, you can stay close to the action at all times in München, Germany.While staying near just about any railway station would be great for finding your way around the city and the country itself, Fröttmaning railway station is particularly well known for being easy to navigate, even for first time travelers. The station, despite servicing a huge number of popular attractions, has only four platforms in use at any one time. As a result, the schedules are not as confusing as European rails are often known for and anyone should be able to catch on quickly. Its also worth noting that Fröttmaning station added an express line specifically to service the new Allianz Arena and surrounding area.

    Address: Werner-Heisenberg-Allee 21, 80939 München, Germany

    Phone: +49 89 32464748