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    Königsplatz Details

    When walking through the Königsplatz, visitors may feel they have stepped back in time and to another country. Featuring the Glyptothek Museum, as well as the Propylaea and the State Museum of Classical Art, it is easy to imagine you are actually in Greece and not in Germany.Ordered built by Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria, the square was specifically designed to be the German Athens. The architecture is Ionic, Corinthian and Doric and there are literally thousands of unique historical art pieces to view within these historic buildings. The history of the Königsplatz includes its use as a Nazi center for meetings, plus it is also home to the Führerbau, the building where the Munich Agreement was signed in 1938. Currently the Führerbau is used as a school of music.

    Address: Königsplatz 1, 80333 München, Germany