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    Olympic Hall Details

    The Olympic Hall is perhaps one of the most versatile buildings within the 1972 Olympic complex. Guests in Munich may be able to take in a horse show, a figure skating event or even a motor cross race all within the same facility. It is also used as a concert hall for large shows.The large hall, now complimented by the Small Olympic Hall, was specifically designed to be easily reconfigured to allow different types of events. Large raised central stages, specific types of tracks or surfaced areas, as well as adaptable spectator space makes this one of the most used buildings within the city. The area of the Olympic Hall has a usable area of 427,400 square meters, and it can hold up to 14,000 people in a standing configuration or just over 12,000 when seating is provided.

    Address: Spiridon-Louis-Ring 21, 80809 München, Germany

    Phone: +49 89 30670