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    Nuremberg Trials Courtroom Details

    There are many places in the city of Nuremburg that are places with a great historical value. Nuremburg which is in the lovely country of Germany is the location of the famous Nuremburg Trials. The Nuremburg trials were where some of the Nazi party leaders were tried for their crimes concerning the Second World War. The courtroom where these trials were held is available for taking a tour.The courtroom is the number six hundred courtroom and has many pieces of information on display about the evidence they used in the trials against the party members. The tour is available only on the weekends due to the fact that the courthouse is still being used today. There is only a small fee to take the tour. The experience is very informative and will give you a more personal look at the history of the famous Nuremburg Trials that took place after the war.

    Address: Baerenschanzstrasse 72, Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany